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Stay ahead of the curve and make 2024 your year of marketing brilliance. Our exclusive 2024 Marketing and Media Trend Report is your roadmap to success. Gain insights into consumer behavior, media strategies, and the world of OOH marketing that will shape the year ahead.

2024 Consumer Trends:

    • Understand the cautious optimism of today's economy and how real-life experiences redefine consumer spending.
    • Explore the role of AI and its predicted effects on jobs, consumers, and business.
    • Identify new opportunities in the era of extended "rush hour."
    • Discover the downtown Renaissance and the impact of record tourism.
    • Find out how sustainability cannot just be marketing fluff; you must back up your claims of greenness.

2024 Media Trends:

    • Navigate the crisis of trust in digital advertising and its shrinking effectiveness and ROI.
    • Uncover media preferences of Gen Z and Millennials.
    • Discover the benefits of effective ad personalization.
    • Leverage brand marketing's rise and performance marketing's decline.
    • Explore the world of podcasts and their synergy with OOH.
    • Plan early to avoid the 2024 Elections and Summer Olympics advertising crunch.

2024 OOH Trends:

    • Explore how OOH drives success across the entire marketing funnel.
    • Learn why OOH delivers exceptional CPM value for unrivaled ROI benefits.
    • Discover why OOH continues to grow while traditional media declines.
    • See how OOH makes all digital investments work harder.
    • Embrace new tech like 3D and geospatial AR to unlock creative potential.
    • Gamify your marketing efforts and boost engagement.