Hispanic Heritage Month

out of home billboard advertising hispanic heritage month 2023out of home billboard advertising hispanic heritage month 2023



Pages of Hispanic Heritage


To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in 2023, OUTFRONT partnered with Lil’ Libros, a champion of bilingual literature, for a vibrant and inspiring campaign “Pages of Hispanic Heritage”. With Hispanic Heritage Month coinciding with back-to-school season, this campaign ignites a passion for learning and culture by bringing Lil’ Libros bilingual stories to life, celebrating Hispanic heritage and language diversity. This was done in collaboration with UnidosFRONT, OUTFRONT’s Hispanic Employee Resource Group.

With our digital billboards, “Pages of Hispanic Heritage” harnesses the positive power of OOH advertising to showcase the brilliance of Hispanic Authors and their tales that captivate children and parents alike. Our campaign's lively and vibrant creative not only captures the essence of Lil' Libros' collection but also mirrors the colorful tapestry of Hispanic heritages and cultures. Just as each book page weaves a unique story, our digital billboards tell a visual story that resonates with the diverse narratives found within Lil' Libros' pages.

Join OUTFRONT & Lil’ Libros in embracing bilingual literature, cherishing history, and celebrating unity. Let's make this Hispanic Heritage Month a time to honor our roots, nurture education, and illuminate pathways to a brighter future. Experience the magic of "Pages of Hispanic Heritage" and be part of the narrative that shapes generations to come.

As the most visible platform in America, we have a profound opportunity to positively impact the people and businesses within the communities in which our canvases exist. This campaign is an example of OUTFRONT’s unique role in driving cultural impact by being embedded into the fabric of our communities.

"At Lil’ Libros, we believe in the power of representation and storytelling. Partnering with OUTFRONT Media allows us to reach even more families, helping them embrace their dual identities and heritage. We hope these billboards inspire children and adults alike to take pride in their cultural backgrounds."- Lil' Lilbros co-founders, Patty Rodriguez and Arianna Stein.