Crafting Visuals That Speak Volumes

February 1, 2024

As 2021 unfolded, it brought a call for change that was impossible to ignore. In those days of uncertainty and upheaval, I, like many, felt a deep urge to stand with my community. The question was always there, lingering in my mind: How could I make a real difference? Marching and donating were options, but I sought a contribution that echoed my identity — an expression of commitment in my own voice.

Designing for Change

As OUTFRONT's Regional Creative Director in Detroit, I was presented with the chance to co-lead a campaign for Color Of Change. The campaign's rallying cry, "Until Justice Is Real," echoed a philosophy I've upheld throughout my career --that actions speak louder than words. 

We crafted a series of billboards, each baring the campaign's defining message. The visuals were stark and gripping — designed to halt the passersby in their tracks, urging them to recognize the part they could play in a larger movement. We chose symbols that spoke volumes, knowing that sometimes the most powerful statements are those unspoken.  

A Nationwide Canvas

This initiative deployed to prominent locations across the nation —from the vibrant streets of Times Square to busy highways in the Midwest. People across the country took notice and drove tons of clicks to their website. The campaign wasn't just about racking up impressions; it sparked action and encouraged people to get involved, step up, and join the cause.

Building on this momentum, our collaboration with Color of Change continues; we're joining forces again for this year's Black History Month. Drawing from the powerful insights gained from our previous work, the upcoming creative is set to be even more impactful, building on the solid foundation we've established together.

Merging Passion with Purpose

Working on this campaign was a career highlight for me, bringing together an ideal client and a project I had long aspired to tackle — a combination that has become a defining achievement in my career. It affirmed what I hold true: harnessing my creative skills to champion a meaningful cause and elevate the community is why I do what I do. This experience highlighted the extraordinary impact of creative ideas on a national scale, going beyond what I could have accomplished on my own.

Author: Nicole Mapp, Regional Creative Director @ OUTFRONT STUDIOS


This story was originally published by Ad Age on February 1, 2024.

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