President’s Club Spotlight: Leticia Garza Shares Out of Home Tips & Tricks

May 14, 2024

Are you ready for another round of out of home expertise from the best in the business? Welcome to our President’s Club Spotlight.

Today, we’re featuring Leticia Garza. A Houston native, Leticia graduated from the University of Houston in 2018. She started her career in marketing, previously working as a Marketing Manager at Quick Quack Car Wash. She soon realized that she wanted to pursue sales and pushed herself to make a change. She started working for OUTFRONT in 2021 as a Sales Assistant and was promoted to Account Executive in 2022. Leticia also serves as Secretary on the Media Alliance of Houston Board and is a big UH basketball fan.

Leticia Garza headshot
What excites you about selling out of home advertising? What is it about this profession that speaks to you?

What excites me is that our larger-than-life format reaches the masses in the most impactful and memorable way. A digital ad or a radio commercial can be lost in an instant. A billboard is literally out front, becoming a part of our daily landscape. The creative on our outdoor assets catches our attention, stays with us, and becomes a part of our lives. As the number one generator of digital activation (SOURCE: Comscore) and the endless possibilities of OOH, what’s not to be excited about?

When you think about your clients’ most successful campaigns, what made them work?

My clients most successful campaigns worked because they trusted our in-house creative agency STUDIOS to be creative with their brand and message. Our designers asked all of the right questions and listened to what our partners had to say. I have received so much positive feedback on the designs our team has worked on. I’ve really enjoyed getting our creative team involved early on to help close the deal or make the deal bigger. 

What was the coolest campaign you were involved with last year? 

The coolest campaign I worked on last year was for It was the coolest campaign, because what started as a one-time deal became multiple contracts due to persistence and creativity. Their creative copy was very relevant to the Texas market (i.e. “Oh, you book direct? Bless your heart,” “This ain’t our first rodeo,” etc.), making it contextual, fun, and memorable. They switched out their creative regularly with the help of STUDIOS. They also purchased side-by-side boards on the gateway as you are driving into Galveston where the port is located. They look amazing up there! billboard on first side of interstate gateway utilized our Digital Direct Ad Server (DDA) to execute direct buys during the 2023 Major League Baseball playoffs. My client reported early on that their call center was receiving the most calls from the Galveston area due to their partnership with OUTFRONT. The results and our service drove them to spend more and to share their experience in a testimonial that’s now a case study on our website. billboard on second side of interstate gateway
What category or advertiser do you most like working with, and why?

I really enjoy working with the travel industry and the entertainment industry, because these categories speak to all ages. I remember noticing billboards as a kid on the various road trips we would take as a family, and I was so drawn to the ones that advertised a fun time at “x” waterfall or the upcoming safari adventure. Obviously, we would stop and have the absolute best time! Being a part of the process that ultimately leads others to creating lifelong memories with their loved ones is a special feeling.

Do you have a personal favorite OUTFRONT asset? What is it and why do you love it?

I really love the unit you see below, located along southbound I-45 in Houston. It’s a square rather than a rectangle, making it a unique piece of inventory. It’s a head-on read as you drive into downtown, with a gorgeous skyline backdrop. It makes sense that this is an OUTFRONT PRIME unit. If you ever get the chance to get your brand on it, you better take it! 

OUTFRONT PRIME billboard alongside I-45 South in Houston
What advice would you give to an established national brand with regard to out of home?

I may know your name, but if you are not regularly in my face or on my mind, I will not be at your store or on your website as frequently as I would be if you were running an outdoor media campaign. There is a massive audience you are not reaching via your TV commercials, audio ads, direct mail, social media, etc. If you want to be treated and remembered as a national brand, you have to be where the masses are, which is out of home. Don’t believe me? Just ask Coca-Cola.  

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Author: Jay Fenster, Marketing Manager @ OUTFRONT
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