President's Club Spotlight: Reed Saunders

April 9, 2024

At OUTFRONT, we’re proud to be the experts in out of home advertising. But perhaps no one has more expertise than the President’s Club.

What is President’s Club? Simply put, the best of the best! These are our most prolific account executives – people with a gift for understanding exactly where, when, and how to execute OOH for maximum success. And what better to do with expertise than to share it?

In the coming months we’ll sit down with some of our President’s Club winners to see what out of home advice they have for brands and businesses!

Headshot of Reed Saunders
Today, we’re featuring Reed Saunders. A Colorado native, Reed graduated from Colorado State University in Fort Collins in 2003. He started working for OUTFRONT – then CBS Outdoor – in 2007 and was promoted to Senior Account Executive in 2012. Reed also serves as the Public Address Announcer for the Colorado Rockies and has been the “Voice of Coors Field” at Denver baseball games since 2007.

What excites you about selling out of home advertising? What is it about this profession that speaks to you?

It’s rarely “cookie cutter” in terms of what we can offer and deliver. Each campaign is unique in how we tailor solutions for the client. Plus, the “In Real Life (IRL)” quotient is unmatched – seeing campaigns come to life and go up on the street is so satisfying.

When you think about your clients’ most successful campaigns, what made them work?

A focus on creative. Making your campaigns as cool as possible. Thinking in terms of what can be shared, commented on, or otherwise creating a buzz.

What was the coolest campaign you were involved with last year?

A local government initiative to get people outside and exploring nature installed a vinyl designed like a large tree, and attached bird seed, bird feeders, and bird perches to the vinyl to actually attract birds to the board and create the image of a tree full of live birds.

Generation Wild billboard
What is one thing you wish more people knew about out of home?

It’s affordable. Rarely will a board have a fixed “price tag”. We get creative all the time to bring campaigns to life on any budget. It’s a customizable ad medium in terms of targeting, investment, timing, etc.

What advice would you give a small local business with regard to out of home?

Make your creative cool! Stand out, don’t blend in. We can help make your local ad appear on the same quality line as any national advertiser. OOH has the largest ad canvases available… treat them like a social channel: What will make people tell their friends about it? What will make them stop and say ‘wow!’… or even ‘what!?’… both reactions are great!

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Author: Jay Fenster, Marketing Manager @ OUTFRONT
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