Why Podcasts and OOH Make the Perfect Match

March 26, 2024

Billboard and transit advertising can ‘raise the volume’ of your podcast by reaching new audiences seamlessly.

Some say finding a love match is a numbers game – let’s face it, there’s usually a lot of bad dates involved. Similarly, finding new listeners for your podcast can also be a numbers game. That’s why out of home advertising is a very effective way to increase the discoverability of your podcasts.

There’s a natural pairing between podcast listeners and OOH advertising placed strategically at iconic prime locations and transit stations in cities across the U.S. – places where potential new audiences for your podcast are naturally living, commuting, working, and playing.

This Valentine’s Day provided a great example of that perfect match in action. MaleRoom, a podcast that describes itself as “content by men for women to get inside the mind of the opposite sex,” partnered with OUTFRONT to announce its launch on Snap through a New York City Times Square campaign.

MaleRoom digital out of home in Times Square
MaleRoom took advantage of NYC’s iconic Times Square to leverage the natural synergy of podcasts and OOH during the commute. MaleRoom host and creator, Mindie Kaplan, was onsite to see the reveal of her campaign and provide some more insight on how out of home was crucial to the media plan for the Snap launch and building her following.

The podcast utilized three sets of creative, all geared towards a different goal: general branding, increase in listenership, and the announcement of the Snap partnership. The Snap creative included a Snapcode for direct audience engagement.

And MaleRoom couldn’t be more in love with the campaign’s results (SOURCE: MaleRoom Provided Results, 2024). To name just a few:
  • Profile visits increased 266%
  • External link click increased 675%
  • Interactions with content increased 214%
  • Accounts reached went up 116%
  • Impressions were up 112%
  • Coverage in PodNews and social amplification across all channels

“This was such an amazing partnership with OUTFRONT, to be in the center of the universe in Times Square,” Kaplan said. “Being a podcast and putting your entire brand – and face – on a billboard for discovery and to get new listeners… I can’t think of any better way.”

Kaplan is not the only one finding success with OOH—recent podcasts also include Locked on Sports and The Squeeze. According to The Squeeze, their out of home campaign drove increases in subscribers, views, and downloads. Specifically, 13,885 new subscribers, a 42% increase in YouTube views, and a 21% increase in audio downloads when compared to the month prior. (SOURCE: The Squeeze).

Times Square Billboard for The Squeeze podcast with Taylor Lautner
What can podcasters achieve with OOH?

Increase discoverability and grow your audience: You can reach 7 out of 10 Americans along their daily commute with advanced audience targeting (SOURCE: Geopath, 2024). Whether in a car or on the train, commuters are likely podcast listeners.

Showcase your latest programming with dynamic digital: Whatever your podcast’s frequency, digital out of home campaigns can be updated rapidly enough to always put your freshest episode in the spotlight.

Times Square DOOH for true crime podcast
Increase audience engagement: You can leverage QR codes, seamlessly allowing current and new listeners to easily download an episode or subscribe.

Create synergy on the commute: 42% of Americans listen to podcasts on their commute (SOURCE: YouGov, 2023). OOH provides the opportunity to complement listening with visuals along their journey.

Repurpose your visual social content for an added bump in online engagement: OOH drives 7 times more social activations than any other media (SOURCE: Comscore, 2022).

Want to make your own perfect match with listeners via OOH? Make a date with the OUTFRONT team!

Author: Liz Rave, Vice President, Marketing @ OUTFRONT
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