XPress Yourself: Dynamic Data Makes DOOH Media More Meaningful

March 19, 2024

Have you ever wondered why weather always seems to be humanity’s default topic of small talk conversation?

It’s because the weather is an experience we share with everyone at the same location. The weather is something we have in common. It’s something we can bond over. If it’s raining at the picnic, everybody’s getting wet.

That shared experience of weather is something that creates real connections between people. But did you know that it can also create genuine connections between brands and consumers?

Because now, digital out of home ads can talk about the weather – and so much more – with XPress, one of the advanced capabilities from our XLabs team.

Visit Orlando billboard with live temperature
XPress empowers advertisers with two different ways to achieve contextual relevance: first, by incorporating live, real-time data into the creative; and second, by using those live, real-time data to trigger different variations of the ad creative.

Let’s start with incorporating the data itself. Visit Orlando ran a winter campaign in some of its cold-weather feeder markets, including fun, playful, think-warm-thoughts imagery alongside the city’s current temperature.
In addition to publicly available data like sports scores and weather forecasts, XPress can also let brands import their own data.

FanDuel and other sports books have included betting lines in their ad creative in friendly jurisdictions; when multi-state progressive lotteries like Megabucks include their current jackpot levels on digital bulletins, it’s the same principle at work.

FanDuel billboard with live odds
And speaking of sports, on its way to delivering the most-watched World Cup tournament of all time, FOX Sports included live real-time match scores on Liveboards throughout the New York City subway system.

That’s one way to leverage this tech - the other is to use those data not as part of the ad itself, but as the trigger that selects which version of the creative is shown in each instance.

Using the weather example, a local restaurant could showcase its outdoor dining on sunny days and its delivery offering on rainy ones. FreshDirect used this tactic with a recipe-based campaign to great effect, leaning into its comfort food offerings when the weather called for it.

Dunkin billboard advertising breakfast sandwich deal
Time of day and location of the screen are two other triggers with nearly endless use cases. Dunkin’ is one advertiser that makes prolific use of daypart triggers, promoting breakfast items early in the day and snackier offerings in the afternoon. Location triggers are perfect for driving consumers to the physical point of purchase with specific directions, no matter where they encounter the ad.

Other ideas for data-driven triggers might include a special creative variant that’s only displayed immediately after the local football team scores a touchdown, or a “last tickets left!” message when tickets for a live event begin to dwindle.

With XPress, your campaigns can be more contextually relevant, while providing actionable information, adding more value in both. Curious what a data-driven campaign might look like for your brand? Reach out today and let’s get the conversation started.

Author: Jay Fenster, Marketing Manager @ OUTFRONT

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