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out of home digital billboard advertising in columbus ohio
OUTFRONT's digital billboards, billboard bulletins, and bike share advertising presence spans the city in key spots like the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, which hosts more than 2 million visitors annually. The region is also home to the headquarters of JP Morgan Chase, L Brands, Nationwide Mutual Insurance, Schottenstein Stores, Ohio Health, Abercrombie & Fitch, Wendy’s, and more than 60 colleges and universities, including Ohio State University.


Wallscapes OUTFRONT has 5 walls in the Columbus, OH DMA.


Bike Share Panels OUTFRONT has 151 Bike Share Panels in the Columbus, OH DMA.
smartSCOUT™, 2023


Bulletins OUTFRONT has 189 Bulletins in the Columbus, OH DMA.
smartSCOUT™, 2023
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