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out of home billboard advertising in minnesotaout of home billboard advertising in minnesota
Known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, the North Star State, and the Bold North, Minnesota stands out as the 12th largest state in the U.S., offering many outdoor activities like hiking, boating, and winter sports. The state boasts over 22,000 snowmobile trails, 4,000 mountain biking trails, and more than 500 golf courses. With a high standard of living and a reputation for being one of the best-educated and wealthiest states, Minnesota presents an ideal backdrop for outdoor advertising. Utilize OUTFRONT’s strategically placed billboard bulletins to effectively reach top audiences in Minnesota’s lake cabin country and other key locations, tapping into a market that enjoys an active, outdoor lifestyle.


Digital Expansion The digital footprint in the Twin Cities has increased by 70%, giving brands the opportunity to dominate the market. Minneapolis' Digital Network allows brands to have market wide exposure, near real time messaging, and creative flexibility.


Exposure to OOH 99% of Minnesotans are exposed to OOH.
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