Brands Command Attention with Los Angeles Wallscape Advertising

May 2, 2024

Ralph Lauren, a brand renowned for its timeless elegance and unmistakable style, made a monumental statement by unveiling its new Only Polo collection on a scale like never before, taking its debut from the runway to the world-famous Sunset Strip.

Elegance met elevation on a towering West Hollywood wallscape just steps away from ultrachic destinations like Soho House and LAVO along two sides of a 9-story building. Here, Ralph Lauren’s bright and colorful collection and the classic Polo logo became an unmissable landmark, the 73-foot-high ad visible to Sunset Boulevard traffic in both directions. To put that scale in perspective, Ralph Lauren’s ad covered nearly the same square footage as two regulation basketball courts.

OUTFRONT’s tall walls in Los Angeles take brand visibility to new heights, literally. Affixed to buildings in well-known and well-traveled areas like Downtown, Hollywood, and the Westside, wallscape ads reach audiences at LA’s “it” destinations. The unparalleled visibility of our larger-than-life assets helps brands make an indelible mark in Los Angeles and on Angelenos’ memory.

Ralph Lauren ad on newly expanded wallscape on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood
Unsurprisingly, Ralph Lauren isn't alone in recognizing the potential of these towering giants. Brands across industries have seized the opportunity to harness the power of tall walls.

818 Tequila wallscape and Kendall Jenner Instagram post
Model and media personality Kendall Jenner launched her 818 Tequila brand with a 62-foot-high, hand-painted ad on the side of Downtown Los Angeles’ E-Central Hotel. This location was selected strategically to reach nightlife enthusiasts, young professionals, and other key audiences that frequent this sports and entertainment destination. Kendall herself shared the wall on social media, reaching over 294 million Instagram followers. This epitomizes #sOOH – social out of home, the phenomenon where OOH ads create impact in the digital realm in order to resonate far beyond their physical location.

Meta Los Angeles wallscape with QR code
Meanwhile in Hollywood, this Meta campaign took a different route to go beyond the physical space. To promote its augmented reality features, Meta included a QR code in its artwork. When passersby scanned the code, their Instagram camera would open and display AR elements through their screens. Combining the presence of walls and the power of technology, Meta transformed a simple stroll down the street into a memorable and immersive experience, encouraging engagement while exemplifying the endless brand-building potential of wallscape advertising.

What is it about Los Angeles wall advertising that delivers value to brands?

  1. Bigger is Better: 32% of consumers say that they are most likely to be engaged by big, bold ads (SOURCE: The Harris Poll). By standing tall above the rest, larger canvases like these provide brands the ability to create naturally artistic, memorable, and shareable campaigns.
  2. Location: Our walls are located in high-traffic areas, reaching a diverse range of key audiences. Whether you are targeting the culture vultures, corporate moguls, and entertainment trendsetters of DTLA, or the Hollywood elites and starry-eyed tourists on Sunset, our walls reach these audiences and more.
  3. Beyond the Physical Space: Out of home drives the most digital activation of any medium (SOURCE: Comscore), as the sheer scale alone of this media encourages pedestrians and commuters to expose your message beyond just its real-world reach. Sharing images of bold, artistic walls on social media sparks curiosity and conversation – and with them brand awareness.
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Author: Sarah Moon, Senior Marketing Specialist @ OUTFRONT

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