Why Digital Shelters Make the Biggest Impression

April 18, 2024

When brands want to combine cutting-edge creative capabilities and up-close-and-personal access to affluent consumers out and about, our Digital Shelters deliver.

Available in Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, Digital Shelters combine much-needed transit infrastructure – namely, bus shelters that shield waiting riders from wind and rain – with impactful DOOH screens. Situated in some of the highest-traffic locales in each market, our Digital Shelters offer advertisers a prime perch from which to shout their story and sell their wares to the audiences that matter the most.

Digital Shelter DOOH media in Atlanta
Our Digital Shelters offer advertisers all the features and benefits they’ve come to know and love about DOOH including audience- or impression-based purchasing, advanced creative capabilities, dynamic data triggers, and flexible dayparting. They also deliver the reach, frequency, and ad recall (up to 84% aided) that make transit advertising such a powerful part of the media mix.

Digital Shelter DOOH media in Los Angeles
Our 50 screens worth of Los Angeles DOOH coverage is concentrated in West Hollywood, one of the city’s toniest and trendiest neighborhoods, while in Atlanta our shelters can be found along essential MARTA bus lines throughout DeKalb and Fulton counties.

In Miami, OUTFRONT was the very first OOH vendor offering digital transit media, growing from nine units in 2022 to 80 screens across eight different networks today, covering the city’s trendiest neighborhoods – Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Brickell, Downtown, Biscayne, Wynwood, and the Design District. We’re currently adding another 80 on the other side of the bay, making us the first vendor selling DOOH in Miami Beach.

Digital Shelter DOOH media in Miami
Meanwhile, for brands advertising in Las Vegas, we’ve just upgraded our network of digital shelters – the largest digital media network on the Strip – with crystal-clear 4K screens that can accommodate static creative or full-motion video. These are the only street-level digital media in the resort corridor, placed in strategic locations along the Las Vegas Strip, downtown, and at the Convention Center. They’re illuminated 24/7 and deliver advertisers’ messages 1,350 times per 24 hours.

Our Digital Shelters stand above and beyond the small-format digital out of home competition. Let’s look at Miami to demonstrate a few reasons why:
  • Size Matters. Our Digital Shelters in Miami measure 83.8” – 30% larger than the kiosks offered by the other guys.
  • Motorists? Pedestrians? Why Not Both! Unlike kiosk panels intended solely to engage those on foot, our Digital Shelters are located closer to the street in order to deliver audiences of motorists, commuters, and pedestrians.
  • Digital Shelters Serve One Purpose. Ads on interactive kiosks are replaced by other content when a pedestrian engages with the kiosk, while Digital Shelter ads are always on.
  • It’s All About the Reach. Our eight networks cover major thoroughfares across a broad swath of Miami-Dade – plus we’re the only DOOH provider in Miami Beach.
  • Big Impressions. Comparing head-to-head in the neighborhoods of Brickell and Coral Gables, our Digital Shelters deliver 25% more impressions weekly, on 33% fewer units.
  • Lower CPMs. Still looking at those locations, the CPM on the competition’s kiosks would be about 50% higher than on our Digital Shelters. (SOURCES: Geopath, IKE)
  • Audience Based Buying. Use your favorite DSP to access our inventory programmatically – or make an audience-based direct buy with our Digital Direct Ad Server (DDA), which delivers all the same benefits of programmatic but without any of the heavy lifting.
  • Local Presence. Finally, OUTFRONT has boots on the ground in all of the communities we serve, meaning that we get local nuance, slang, and everything else that makes each of them unique.
When you’re ready to make a big impression, our Digital Shelters deliver. Contact us today to learn more.

Author: Jay Fenster, Marketing Manager @ OUTFRONT

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