The Future of Advertising on the Las Vegas Strip: OUTFRONT’s Digital Shelters

October 26, 2023

Bright lights, big city, and a brand-new way to get your message across. The Las Vegas Strip, known for its iconic neon signs and pulsating energy, has now become even more dynamic with OUTFRONT’s state-of-the-art digital shelters.

In partnership with RTC, OUTFRONT has brought to the Strip a novel advertising medium that perfectly complements its vibrant ambiance: the Digital Shelter Network. Placed strategically among major hotels and casinos, these digital shelters are not just about advertising; they're about enhancing the Las Vegas experience.

Here's why they are truly groundbreaking:

    1. Location, Location, Location: Situated among key hotels and casinos, these shelters allow brands to connect with a diverse audience: affluent residents, entertainment trendsetters, and tourists looking for the next big thing.

    2. Superior Design & Display: Forget the old screens. OUTFRONT has upped the ante by replacing them with bigger and better displays, measuring an impressive 75″H x 42.2″W. This provides brands with a more expansive canvas, ensuring their messages are not only seen but also remembered.

    3. Dynamic Advertising Capabilities: With 8-second spots that loop every 65 seconds, brands can ensure constant visibility. Plus, with options for both static and full-motion advertisements, the possibilities are endless. And let’s not forget the 24/7 illumination which ensures that these advertisements shine bright, day and night.

    4. Flexibility & Customization: The digital era is all about personalization and real-time adaptability. With easily changeable and customizable creative messaging, brands can keep their content fresh, relevant, and engaging.

out of home bus shelter advertising las vegas katy perry
Brands are quickly recognizing the unparalleled benefits of these digital shelters. Just this past week, U2 leveraged them to announce the first performance at the new venue, The Sphere in Las Vegas. Major artists and entertainment brands, like Carrie Underwood and Katy Perry, have already seized this innovative opportunity. Their inherent flexibility means that if an artist releases a new single or there's a sudden change in the concert schedule, the content can be rapidly updated. This real-time adaptability grants entertainment brands the luxury of altering their creative messages as frequently as desired, keeping fans consistently engaged and informed.

It's clear that the fusion of a prime location with advanced digital capabilities creates an unmatched platform for brands to elevate their advertising strategies on the world's most iconic boulevard.

Author: Christine Rose, Senior Regional Marketing Director @ OUTFRONTT

Note: This article first appeared on RTC on 10/5

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