From Burma-Shaves to Reddit Threads: How This Law Firm Used Social OOH to Build Its Brand

June 4, 2024

Law firms use out of home advertising to build name recognition and establish trust. And while many legal campaigns are all business, Pusch & Nguyen Personal Injury Law Firm built its Houston empire with a more creative approach, combining Reddit-worthy taglines and impactful Burma-Shave billboards that have people talking. 

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Anthony Pusch and Chi Nguyen’s practice began its advertising journey like any typical small law firm would — with a static bulletin by their office.

Then, inspired by billboard-boosted, memeable Houston business personalities like Mattress Mack and Jim Adler, Co-Founding Partner Chi Nguyen came to us with an aspirational challenge: he wanted the firm to be known across Houston on that same level. Chi wanted to leverage our extensive coverage across southeast Houston, where he was born and raised. We gave their team a proposal of about 10 units, and they contracted them all! STUDIOS, the in-house creative agency at OUTFRONT, provided a fresh yet simple perspective on design and guided their campaign as it unfolded. 

Pusch & Nguyen started to hear positive feedback from Houstonians, and as its footprint grew, so did its advertising endeavors. Our next pitch for them was a pair of two bulletins spanning I-45, their combined tagline a pun on the partners’ last names. The first said, "We Push…” The second said, “You Win.” It was a hit.

Crossread style billboard campaign for Pusch & Nguyen
Next, we came to them with the idea of a “Burma-Shave,” a sequential series of billboards, alongside I-45 South. The Burma-Shave is named after a brand of shaving cream that from the 1920s to the 1950s advertised with rhyming messages on consecutive signs along highways like Route 66. The tactic still works today! Combining the "We Push, You Win" tagline, sequential bulletins, and impactful extension designs, the overall concept from STUDIOS built a lasting impression. It got people talking – including other attorneys. 

Pusch & Nguyen Burma-Shave style billboard campaign
By contracting its Burma-Shaves around the city as perms, Pusch & Nguyen drove frequency with a long-term exclusive presence on the most important billboard locations. Competitors began to question, "Who are these guys? Where did they come from?" That one Burma-Shave on I-45 South quickly multiplied, expanding first to two (I-10 East) and now four (I-10 West, U.S. 59 North). 

Then we added an OUTFRONT PRIME unit to the mix – an odd-sized bulletin on I-45 South. This is where they got really creative – and quickly found social out of home (#sOOH) success.

Collage of clever Pusch & Nguyen contextually relevant ads
Pusch & Nguyen frequently change their creative on this unit, leveraging contextual relevance with hilarious viral messaging. These must-see Houston billboards include holidays like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and Christmas as well as local events like the Houston Rodeo. They’ve also celebrated 11:11, PSL season, and even turned themselves into avocados – a pun for the español audience. This location has become renowned among Houstonians, and as the creative changes, people post and engage on Reddit, Instagram, TikTok, and elsewhere.

In addition to Pusch & Nguyen's static billboards, we’ve integrated a mobile advertising component, re-targeting commuters exposed to their OOH with banners cohesive with the broader campaign. We’ve also measured their success with attribution studies.

"We Push, You Win" billboard with extensions
Pusch & Nguyen's strategy is bold, and they are not afraid to go big. Their consistently effective ad executions using extensions, bold taglines, sequential bulletins, mobile, and fun, contextual copy has inspired other clients to say, "We want what Pusch & Nguyen are doing."

If you want what they're doing too, get in touch with OUTFRONT today!  

Author: Lauren Graff, Marketing Specialist @ OUTFRONT
Photographer: Dustin Armstrong @ OUTFRONT

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