Grillo's Pickles: From Billboards to Social Media – A Pickle-Infused OOH Success Story

December 7, 2023

In the heart of Los Angeles, a city that never seems to slow down, one brand managed to capture attention and put smiles on people's faces with a delightful splash of pickles. Grillo's Pickles, known for their irresistibly crunchy pickles, embarked on a unique advertising journey that not only grabbed attention but also sparked a social media frenzy. How did they pull it off? Let's dive into the mouth-watering details of their "Chill Out and Eat a Pickle" OOH campaign.

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Billboards That Spread Smiles

Picture yourself cruising through the city streets, and suddenly, your eyes land on a vibrant green billboard with a catchy tagline that reads, "Chill Out and Eat a Pickle." Grillo's Pickles took to the streets of Los Angeles with an OOH campaign that was impossible to ignore. Their clever choice of vibrant green, coupled with the witty tagline, turned these billboards into sources of pure joy for everyone who passed by.

From IRL to URL

But Grillo's Pickles didn't stop there. They leveraged the power of Social OOH (#sOOH) to take their campaign from the physical world to the digital one.

What's even more intriguing is that the impact of this campaign stretched beyond the streets of Los Angeles. Grillo's Pickles achieved an estimated social reach of over 154,000 (excluding Instagram) and a staggering 257,000+ estimated reach on Instagram, according to Nuvi. These numbers tell the story of a campaign that not only caught the eyes of passersby but also made waves in the digital sphere.

The Power of OOH in Today’s Digital Landscape

Here's where the magic happened. Grillo's Pickles demonstrated that OOH advertising can seamlessly integrate with the digital age. Their campaign embodied the spirit of modern marketing, where physical billboards become catalysts for social media engagement.

Grillo's Pickles' success is not a one-off. The effectiveness of OOH advertising is backed by compelling statistics:

    • 91% of Gen Z share OOH on social media: The highly visual nature of OOH canvases makes them primed for social sharing (Source: Harris Poll, 2022).
    • 7X More Social Activations: OOH drives more digital and social activations, per ad dollar spent, than any other media (Source: comScore, 2022).
But here's where it gets even more impressive. Grillo's Pickles reported a staggering 40% increase in sales, thanks to the success of their OOH campaign. This not only underscores the power of OOH advertising but also shows that it can translate into substantial real-world results for brands.

These statistics serve as a powerful reminder that OOH advertising, like Grillo's Pickles' campaign, has the potential to captivate audiences and drive social media engagement, all while delivering substantial growth in sales. It's a prime example of how OOH advertising can transform a brand's presence in the digital age, making it not just memorable but shareable.

Experience the Pickle-Infused Success for Yourself

And what if you're not in Los Angeles to witness this pickle delight in person? Don't worry; you can still check out the campaign in action! See the full case study on our website here.

So, whether you're in Los Angeles or halfway across the globe, it’s proof that OOH advertising is here to stay, delivering results that resonate both on the streets and in the digital world.

Author: Christine Rose, Senior Marketing Director, West Region @ OUTFRONT

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