Beyond Visibility: Out of Home's Full-Funnel Power

December 5, 2023

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In the vast world of marketing, out of home (OOH) has long been the unsung hero, often associated with brand exposure and awareness. However, beneath its surface lies a gold mine of untapped potential that stretches far beyond mere visibility. If you've relegated this format to the realm of brand marketing, overlooking its capacity to drive revenue, it's time to unveil a new perspective. This article takes you on a journey through the strategic evolution of OOH, revealing its pivotal role in the entire marketing funnel – from sparking awareness to catalyzing conversions.

In the ever-evolving marketing landscape, out of home has experienced a remarkable digital metamorphosis, embracing innovative tools that facilitate rapid deployment, dynamic content delivery, precise audience planning, and measurements comparable to other digital media formats. This evolution transcends traditional boundaries, breaking free from static limitations, and propels out of home into the realm of dynamic, interactive real-life experiences. Now, let's explore how OOH's captivating dynamism excels at the crucial starting point of the marketing funnel – awareness.

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Awareness: The Starting Point

OOH leads all other media in driving brand awareness. Large-format bulletins, transit ads, and street-level digital screens are all designed to capture the attention of passersby. This advertising format offers unmatched visibility, ensuring your brand gains recognition among a broad audience. It's the first step in building brand awareness and is often where OOH advertising continues to shine.

Consideration: Capturing Interest

As consumers descend the marketing funnel, transitioning from awareness to consideration, OOH continues its engagement. How? By conjuring dynamic content that sparks interest. Picture dynamic digital Liveboards and Urban Panels delivering real-time content, capturing consumers' attention as they meander through their shopping journeys. An Urban Panel in a bustling shopping district featuring various products, promotions, or even user-generated content from social media in near real-time – this interaction not only piques interest but also keeps the brand in the spotlight.

For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield strategically utilized giant bus exteriors in Washington DC to target Federal employees during the 2022 open enrollment season. The results were impressive – those exposed to the ads were a remarkable 300 times more likely to visit the Blue Cross Blue Shield website. The Blue Cross homepage emerged as the most visited page, commanding over 52% of total visits, reinforcing the brand’s presence and fostering significant consideration among the audience.

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Conversion: Driving Action

It's time to convert that interest into action now that consumers are aware and interested. OOH advertising becomes a potent spell, strategically placed near points of purchase to provide the magical nudge needed for decisions. Imagine digital screens at bus stops or train stations displaying time-sensitive promotions, guiding commuters to make quick purchase decisions before embarking on their journeys. Similarly, strategically placed billboards near shopping centers deliver messages tailored to the shopping intent of consumers in the vicinity.

PBR used this strategy to introduce their new Bull Riding team league to Kansas City. Partnering with OUTFRONT, the campaign utilized OUTFRONT's audience planning tool to precisely target their core fanbase. This strategic approach resulted in a remarkable 72% increase in revenue year over year, with over 8,000 event attendees directly influenced by the OOH campaign¹. The collaboration underscores the potency of OOH in driving conversions and engaging diverse audience segments. PBR's successful venture into new territories is a testament to the strategic impact of OOH in sports marketing.

Loyalty: Cultivating Brand Devotion

The marketing funnel doesn't conclude with conversion; it extends into the loyalty and advocacy stages. OOH advertising proves instrumental in cultivating enduring brand devotion. As consumers become loyal patrons, it ensures sustained engagement. Memorable and creatively executed OOH campaigns contribute to brand recall, turning customers into enthusiasts.

For instance, envision a brand leveraging vibrant and interactive billboards at key locations where its loyal customer base frequents. These dynamic displays not only celebrate brand milestones but also invite user-generated content, fostering a sense of community among consumers. By integrating OOH into loyalty-building initiatives, brands can solidify their connection with customers, creating a fanbase that resonates with the brand's values and identity.

Poppi, the gut-friendly bubbly beverage brand, took this approach by orchestrating a dynamic campaign blending social media and OOH to not only drive conversions but also foster lasting brand loyalty. Engaging Gen Z and Millennials, the campaign strategically placed influencers on billboards and panels across key NYC locations. These influencers helped generate a remarkable 95 million reach and 25 million weekly online impressions². This case study exemplifies how OOH serves as the perfect bridge between online and offline brand engagements, creating a solid relationship with the consumer that extends beyond the immediate conversion.

Conclusion: Maximizing Impact and Efficiency Across the Marketing Funnel

As we navigate the diverse landscape of advertising channels, it becomes evident that OOH stands out as a powerhouse throughout the marketing funnel. According to a recent study comparing popular media formats, OOH demonstrated superior performance in awareness and nearly identical numbers with social media in consideration and conversion rates.

out of home advertising trends
When evaluating the overall effectiveness averaged across the marketing funnel, OOH emerges as the star performer, consistently outshining other formats. Beyond its prowess, its remarkable efficiency makes this format an unparalleled choice for marketers.

With significantly lower CPMs than other mediums, OOH offers the dual advantage of cost-effectiveness and widespread impact. In a world where consumers are bombarded with messages, out of home captures attention and sustains engagement, making it an invaluable asset in any comprehensive marketing strategy.

As you plan your next campaign, consider the untapped potential of out of home advertising. This dynamic format not only sparks awareness but propels consumers seamlessly through the entire marketing journey. Let us help you elevate your brand's story with the unbeatable impact and efficiency only OOH can provide.

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Author: Joshua Pritzker, Consultant @ OUTFRONT

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