New Year, New Me(dia): Resolve to Build Your Brand with Out of Home Advertising

January 2, 2024

Happy New Year from all of us at OUTFRONT! We hope that you and yours have enjoyed a happy and safe holiday season and that you’re as excited about 2024 as we are.

With a brand-new calendar comes the chance to make a fresh start, to chart a new trajectory, to do something different. That’s why the idea of New Year’s Resolutions is such a powerful tool for making change in our lives.

But we’re not always great at keeping those resolutions. Fortunately, out of home gives brands and businesses the opportunity for growth by helping consumers achieve those January goals year-round. Here’s just a few ways how:

New Year’s Resolution: Get better sleep

OOH Solution: Upgrade your mattress

Casper ads on NYC subway liveboard triptych
Direct-to-consumer mattress brands like Casper and Purple are out of home success stories, using billboard and transit advertising to grow from web-based start-ups to brick-and-mortar behemoths. For decades, the same names dominated the mattress market – but these disruptors shook up the industry, understanding the power of OOH in building brands. Now, we are all just a box away from a better night’s sleep.

New Year’s Resolution: Get in shape

OOH Solution: Bring the workout home

Hydrow ad on OUTFRONT PRIME bulletin
If you’re a year-round fitness aficionado, you know that January is not always a great time at the gym – precisely because of people trying to improve their health and wellness with the new year. Peloton incorporated user-generated content and real customer experiences into its OOH campaigns, leveraging our canvases to extend the experience of its products – including an ad on the Times Square Cube with a potential reach of 1.8M (SOURCE: Instagram). Following Peloton’s lead, next-wave emerging fitness brands like Hydrow and Ergatta have recently taken to billboards themselves.

New Year’s Resolution: Eat healthier

OOH Solution: Discover a new delight

Olipop pure nostalgia billboard
We’re not just staying healthy by working out – more and more, consumers are making conscious choices about what we eat and drink. Gut-friendly snack brand BelliWelli went viral with its “Hot Girls Have IBS” billboard. And out of home helped fizz up prebioitic soda maker Olipop and its astonishing rise to become one of the top selling sodas on Amazon, challenge the dominance of Coke and Pepsi, and earn itself a spot among Ad Age’s Top Marketers of the Year.

New Year’s Resolution: Travel more

OOH Solution: Find trip inspiration

Icelandair wallscape in Chicago
The limitless storytelling potential of out of home offers the perfect canvas for inspiring visitors to yearn, learn, and book. From airlines to cruise ships, roadside attractions to resort hotels, travel brands and tourism destinations can use OOH to get guests planning before they leave and influence their purchases once they’ve arrived. And digital out of home further expands the possibilities.

The advanced capabilities of DOOH allow the creation of contextual relevance through the use of dynamic data (contrasting the temperature in a frigid origin and a tropical destination, for example), while QR codes can inspire immediate action, shortening the path from wanderlust to concrete plans.

New Year’s Resolution: Make more money

OOH Solution: Get a better job

UPS hiring event billboard advertising $160k+ CDL team jobs
Out of home isn’t just a solution for selling – it’s also a reliable resource for recruiters, as everyone from Aldi to Amazon uses OOH to connect with the labor force. But it’s not just for big brands. Local businesses in healthcare, real estate, home improvement, and numerous other industries know that out of home gets them on potential job seekers’ radar, especially when those job seekers might not be on LinkedIn and Indeed.

Make out of home a part of your 2024 media plan and make this a year with a positive resolution! Contact us today to learn more.

Author: Jay Fenster, Marketing Manager @ OUTFRONT

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