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October 19, 2023

OOH advertising has largely been known to be a mass reach medium that is best suited for driving awareness. Its canvases greet people on the roads they drive on, the sidewalks they walk on and the rails they ride on. It’s in shopping malls, in grocery stores and in restaurants. You see it where you pump gas, where you pick up your bike share and where you charge your EV. OOH is everywhere consumers go and so is OUTFRONT.

This week, we posted our own advertising campaign targeting marketers who are in the city for Advertising Week New York. We strategically picked media surrounding The Penn District, where the conference is being held, and in the top transit hubs where we expect marketers to pass through as they go from their office to daily sessions, including Grand Central, Penn Sation and Times Square. Our messaging reads “Welcome to Advertising Week NY, From America’s Most Visible Media Network.” Let’s dig in a little bit more to what we mean when we say most visible.

out of home digital subway transit advertising outfront media
IRL Visibility:

OUTFRONT is a leader in the OOH industry reaching approximately 70% of the US population every week. OUTFRONT is where the people are and where advertisers want to be – we have over 500K canvases in 120 DMAs that deliver over 14.5B weekly impressions. We are visible at all points of the consumer journey.

Optimal Visibility:

OUTFRONT is a leader in OOH data driven measurement allowing us to align with digital channels so that we can be more strategic in how we plan, sell, and activate campaigns. We leverage advancements in data-tech to marry locations with audience targeting & measurement capabilities that helps to move the needle in OOH’s efficiency and efficacy.

Through our proprietary DMP, smartSCOUT, we have the ability to target over 8,000 audience segments ensuring that your ads are placed in locations that are most visible to the people you want to reach.

Proven Visibility:

OUTFRONT provides advertisers with the opportunity to utilize our diverse portfolio of inventory to drive actions up and down the funnel. Working with our best in class attribution partners we are able to correlate exposure to OOH advertising with changes in behavior, perception and actions taken. Advertisers are leaning in more than ever to measure their OOH campaigns and as a result we’ve expanded our attribution portfolio and have seen study results above industry benchmarks. This proven combination of our vast inventory, locations and our data driven approach to audience targeting leads to better visibility and better outcomes.

Contextual Visibility:

OUTFRONT is your local neighborhood expert. We reach our neighbors and visitors with contextually relevant information throughout the day providing updates about local weather, information about local events, where to go for the best martini or what to cook for dinner. We speak to you in your language, we tell you what you want to know.

1. Geopath 2019: Reaching 70% of the US population
2. Geopath 2023: 14.5B Imps
3. Outfront Inventory Portfolio: 500K canvases, 120 DMA’s
4. smartSCOUT/Acxiom: 8,000 audience segments

Authors: Christina Radigan, Suzette Jacobowitz & Bobby Gorczakowski, Research & Insights @ OUTFRONT

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