A Mile High Above the Rest: All About Advertising in Denver, Colorado

April 23, 2024

Enjoying the Colorado outdoors is not just a lifestyle but the Denver way of life. And with mountain peaks stretching into a sky that sees 300+ sunny days a year, it is easy to understand why. And while the phrase “Denver way of life” may have inspired mental images of the usual Colorado cliches, not everyone is a ski bum, a mountain climber, or a Patagonia-clad craft beer drinker.

The Mile High City works as hard as it plays, with flourishing aerospace and tech industries, a thriving professional sports scene, and a vibrant arts/entertainment district. Due in part to its broad range of experiences, Denver is currently in the top 20 fastest-growing cities in the U.S. (SOURCE: Axios, 2024) and draws an estimated 36 million visitors each year, with Colorado’s famed ski resorts and Rocky Mountain National Park making tourism a year-round industry (SOURCE: Longwoods International, 2023).

An estimated 265,000 new transplants arrived in 2022, pushing the population towards the 3 million mark (SOURCE: U.S. Census, 2023). This growth has led to more people on roadways and a steady increase in congestion. As Colorado's out of home heavy hitter, OUTFRONT welcomes this trend, because more traffic means more impressions for advertisers utilizing our vast collection of media assets across Denver and the Rockies.

Denver wallscape billboards
Choosing OUTFRONT as your media partner gives brand exclusive access to Colorado’s very best digital and static billboard coverage, including multiple screens coming in and out of Denver International Airport, the third busiest in the world (SOURCE: Fly Denver). Our digital network can be purchased in near real-time through traditional channels, programmatically, or through OUTFRONT’s exclusive Digital Direct Ad Server (DDA).

With larger-than-life wallscape advertising located in the heart of the theater district, OUTFRONT dominates the Denver theater scene. Our five wallscapes can bring your ad messaging to the next level while impacting downtown Denver goers.

Select Health Denver wallscape
Advertising in Denver reaches a wide array of audiences whose diverse interests and lifestyles contribute to the city's dynamic character.

Those audiences include:
  • Outdoor Recreation Enthusiasts: Outdoor lovers can find a lot to do around Denver, with Rocky Mountain National Park, Aspen, and Vail all within a few hours’ drive. Whether you're seeking snowcapped peaks, mountain lakes and streams, or the heat of the desert, Denver is close to all these natural wonders
  • Sports Fanatics: Coloradoans have next level passion for the five professional sports teams that all call Denver home: the NFL’s Broncos, NBA’s Nuggets, NHL’s Avalanche, MLB’s Colorado Rockies, and Colorado Rapids Soccer of the MLS.
  • Urban Professionals: Denver is the economic center of Colorado and is experiencing rapid growth with new development projects being launched each year. Its central location in the country makes it an attractive destination for companies looking to expand. Ten Fortune 500 companies call Denver their home and HQ, while many other national and global companies are eyeing the city for new offices and business opportunities in the future.
  • Craft Beer Lovers: Not everyone in Denver drinks craft beer… but many do, with over 58 breweries in the metro area. The craft beer industry is truly a staple of the Denver culture.
  • Families: Ranked as one of the top Best Big Cities to Live in the U.S. (SOURCE: U.S. News & World Report), the Mile High City is a dream destination for families looking to live an outdoor urban lifestyle. Denver is relatively affordable for a city of its size and has several family-friendly neighborhoods with great school districts.

OUTFRONT’s Denver portfolio includes nearly 300 static bulletins, 400 poster billboards, and a growing number of digital displays that deliver messages in a timely and contextually relevant way. Finally, OUTFRONT’s mobile network, inclusive of desktop display and OTT/CTV, can greatly enhance any OOH campaign, with the capabilities to target/retarget audiences across the entire state.

Denver Art Museum billboard
There’s no better time to get your brand OUTFRONT and center on canvases that reach a multitude of audiences from the Mountain Peaks to the city center. When it comes to the Mile-High City, OUTFRONT has you covered. Contact us to learn how to reach Denver’s diverse audiences!

Author: Erin Brady, Director of Marketing, Midwest Region @ OUTFRONT
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