Market Spotlight: Kansas City – The Heart of America

December 12, 2023

Kansas City was once somewhat of a hidden gem that pleasantly surprised those that visited but is now finding itself getting the attention it has always deserved. From its iconic barbecue scene to its thriving arts and music culture, there’s something for everyone (even world-famous popstars) in this city that proudly wears its nickname, “The Heart of America.” Kansas City is a vibrant metropolis with a rich history, cultural diversity, and a distinct Midwestern charm, that spans over both states of Kansas and Missouri.

The city has earned its reputation as a barbecue mecca and has set the Guinness World Record for the loudest stadium on the planet but there is so much more that makes this city special and the perfect place to appeal to audiences of all kinds.

Spray bulletin billboard in Kansas City
People may not know that Kansas City is a cultural kaleidoscope. It has a deep-rooted jazz history that continues to thrive in venues across the city. There are over 100 art galleries, 220 parks, 29 lakes, 119 monuments located in the KC Metro area. Kansas City has also found itself on lists naming it the coolest place to live, the best place on earth to work remotely, one of the hottest US job markets, and a top city for startups.

Nelson Atkins Museum of Art bulletin billboard in Kansas City
It is also a sports enthusiast’s paradise. Kansas City boasts passionate fan bases for the Chiefs (NFL), the Royals (MLB), and Sporting KC (MLS). The city has recently welcomed its newest team, the KC Current (WSL), and their historic stadium which is the first stadium in the world built for a women’s professional sports team.

Dual Kansas City Chiefs poster billboards in Kansas City
OUTFRONT is the premier provider of out of home advertising in Kansas City, reaching 98% of Kansas City residents each week (SOURCE: Geopath). This scale plus local relevance allows brands to reach millions of commuters that travel on the city’s expansive interstates with our bulletins while also impacting neighborhoods through our extensive posters and junior posters coverage.

Kansas City’s central location, diversity, thriving business scene, cultural events, and sports enthusiasm offer advertisers the chance to reach their perfect audience to establish a local presence with OOH.

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Author: Rachel Sosa, Kansas City Marketing Manager @ OUTFRONT 

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