XScape Adds Depth to Digital OOH Campaigns

February 8, 2024

How many advertisements do you think you saw yesterday? A few dozen? Couple hundred? Believe it or not, the average American is exposed to somewhere between 4,000 and 10,000 ads daily (SOURCE: University of Southern California, 2023).

With all that competition for our attention, what’s an advertiser to do? How do you stand out amidst that kind of saturation?

Allow us to present XScape!

XScape is a technology that allows brands to bend the barriers of reality with OOH creative that leaps off the screen. The technical term for it is “dimensional out of home” but the kids call them “3D billboards.”

Digital Beast with 3D XScape ad from American Eagle 
That third dimension makes all the difference in the world, increasing attention, ad recall, and brand recall (SOURCE: Journal of Customer Behaviour) by allowing a campaign to transcend advertising and become entertainment. When an ad becomes entertainment, exposure to it becomes an event. And events are memorable. Events are shareable. Events are social.

Dimensional out of home drives both viral reach and earned media, perfectly suiting advertisers to take advantage of the high-powered digital amplification capabilities that OOH is known for.

Americana at Brand digital elevator tower with 3D XScape ad from Samsung 
Our massive digital screens in Los Angeles like the Digital Elevator Tower at The Americana at Brand and New York DOOH assets like Times Square’s Digital Beast are some of our most popular places for larger-than-life campaigns. But did you know that you can get dimensional out of home to go?

That’s because we can now offer this advanced capability on small-format screens, a spatial equivalent of the anamorphic tech used on billboards. That means advertisers can now accomplish 3D effects across digital transit media like subway platform Liveboards, street-level Video Urban Panels and Digital Bus Shelters, and even Kiosks at lifestyle centers.

Video urban panel with 3D XScape ad from Apple 
If adding a third-dimension sounds intimidating, good news – we’ve got your back. Our paradigm shifting XLabs team is available to advise and consult on creative, and we can link brands up with preferred partners to execute the build and production. For the DIYers out there, we can provide templates to get you started.

Are you ready to add depth to your next OOH campaign? Contact us to explore the third dimension!

Author: Jay Fenster, Marketing Manager @ OUTFRONT

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