Beyond the Skyline and the Subway: Exploring the Essence of New York City

January 25, 2024

We all know of New York City, but do we really know about New York? The city is a melting pot of cultures, ambitions, and opportunities for the over 8 million who call the city home and the staggering 22 million in the metropolitan area (SOURCE: United States Census Bureau 2022). Did you know that more than 600 different languages are spoken throughout the city (SOURCE: Endangered Language Alliance, 2019)?

New York is known for more than just pizza and bagels (shocking, I know). From Michelin star restaurants to world-class retail therapy, from world-class public parks to the captivating energy of live Broadway shows, New York has it all. As the backdrop to countless movies and TV shows, the city is filled with iconic landmarks like Grand Central Terminal, the Empire State Building, Central Park, and of course Times Square. It's a city that captures the imagination of visitors from every part of the globe, which is why 61.8 million of them came here last year (SOURCE: New York City Tourism + Conventions).

Beneath our iconic skyline is vibrant energy. That’s why they call New York “The City That Never Sleeps.” We’re always doing something, which is why brands like Casper know that out of home advertising is the way to reach us.  

Liveboard for Casper

In particular, New York City transit advertising is important for brands, because transit is important for us! The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is a world-class public transportation system whose subway lines and bus network make getting around the city a breeze. As for the suburbs, the MTA’s Long Island Railroad and Metro-North Railroad commuter rail systems are vital links connecting the greater region.

Digital dioramas at Grand Central Terminal

Tourists and locals alike can easily hop on the subway or bus to reach one of the city's incredible museums. These institutions house some of the most impressive collections of art and historical artifacts found anywhere in the world. I never pass up the opportunity to check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met boasts a whopping 1.5 million works of art, representing every corner of the globe and 5,000 years of culture from ancient times to the present. Impressive, huh?

In all, there are more than 150 museums in New York to choose from, many of which offer free admission. (One way to get it is with an NYC library card!)

And have I mentioned the sports here? New York just might be the world’s ultimate sports city. We've got professional teams covering every sport you’d want to catch, playing in some of the world’s most famous arenas and stadiums. Whether you’re witnessing Artemi Panarin score another goal for the Rangers inside Madison Square Garden or Aaron Judge hit a home run at Yankee Stadium, there’s something for every type of fan.

Mets wall cling media at Hudson Yards

Amidst the vibrancy of this diverse, dynamic city, OUTFRONT is dedicated to helping businesses grow stronger by connecting them with the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.

We are proud to be the city’s premier provider of out of home advertising with an unparalleled presence reaching 99% of the New York City DMA population weekly (SOURCE: Geopath) as our media networks weave through the city’s most popular neighborhoods.

New York is a canvas for your brand to paint a story that becomes part of the city itself and its ever-evolving narrative. Because our media aren’t just ads – they’re the very fabric of New York.

If your brand is ready to be a part of New York City, let's make it happen.
Author: Grace Brasky, NY Marketing Coordinator @ OUTFRONT



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