Go for Two: Why and How Super Bowl Advertisers Integrate Out of Home

February 15, 2024

Last week, we talked about how out of home is a smart alternative to Super Bowl commercials and their $7 million price tag. This week, however, isn’t an either/or proposition but rather a “why not both?”

That’s because quite a few Super Bowl advertisers maintain a prolific presence year-round on our billboards and transit media. Some of the savviest even build out of home campaign to complement or reference their TV spot, further capitalizing on the mass reach momentum beyond those 30 fleeting seconds.

FanDuel is a perfect example. This year’s Super Bowl commercial, “Kick of Destiny 2,” featured Rob Gronkowski as he once again attempted a 25-yard field goal live during the game. The same OOH ad creative was used prominently in the days leading up to the stunt as the sports betting site gave away $10 million in bonus wagers to fans who correctly guessed the outcome, adding an element of engagement to the campaign.

FanDuel Kick of Destiny 2 digital bulletin billboard
MolsonCoors’ iconic Coors Light Chill Train returned after 12 years – this time with passengers. After its Super Bowl spot featuring 100 fans brought on board the train via CGI, the Chill Train is making stops around the country, including on digital bulletins in San Antonio and the Chicago billboard pictured below.

out of home billboard advertising coors 
Frito-Lay is another Super Bowl mainstay that keeps a regular presence on our assets. Its billboards in Phoenix were hard to miss last year, strategically placed in numerous high-profile locations throughout the market. That saturation, plus purposeful football verbiage aimed directly at fans, reinforced brands like Doritos as synonymous with game day snacking.

PepsiCo, the second-biggest Super Bowl advertiser of all-time (SOURCE: 24/7 Wall Street), ran spots this year for Starry and Mtn Dew, while fans attending the game live saw the Vegas Deuce double-decker bus going up and down the Strip wrapped in the brand’s distinctive colors as well as contextually relevant DOOH.

Pepsi campaign in Las Vegas during the Super Bowl
And while the beverage behemoth on our boards is a common occurrence, it did something truly extraordinary with its out of home advertising in Atlanta – the hometown of its primary competitor – a few years back during Super Bowl LIII.

Since the Super Bowl host committee establishes a “clean zone” surrounding the site of the game each year, only official partners of the NFL are allowed to sell, market, or advertise within that bubble. Pepsi decided to make a statement by owning that space and so purchased every single asset in the clean zone, approximately $1.5 million worth. That meant as fans arrived and departed, Pepsi was the only brand they encountered, to the tune of 850,000,000 earned impressions (SOURCE: Cision). Talk about domination!

Pepsi billboards inside Atlanta Super Bowl clean zone
During this year’s game, the most ubiquitous OOH advertising in Las Vegas was from Cox. The cable and internet provider’s media blitz includes fully wrapped Deuce buses and digital shelters up and down the Las Vegas Strip as well as digital bulletins. The campaign’s football-themed creative highlights the fact that Cox fiber powers Allegiant Stadium.

out of home bus advertising cox 
So why not go for two? Contact us today to add out of home to your media mix!

Author: Jay Fenster, Marketing Manager @ OUTFRONT

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