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Top Transit Advertising & Billboard Photos of the Week: September 14, 2023


September 14, 2023


Every week, our photographers are OUT on the streets and in the subways in the markets we serve, documenting the campaigns our advertisers run. After all, it's one thing to see your billboard campaign mocked up on a screen - it's another entirely to witness it in its natural environment, impacting a line of cars or a stream of pedestrians.

These are our favorite photos for the week ending September 14, 2023.

WPIX-11 Big Bang Theory ad on front of NYC bus

Bazinga! Sheldon Cooper is in syndication on WPIX-11 and these ads on the front of New York City buses.

Audible billboard in new jersey
Audible celebrates the 50th anniversary of hip-hop with this New Jersey billboard bulletin. Photo by Damien Donck.

Miller Lite billboard in Philadelphia
Miller Lite keeps its simple with this football-friendly billboard in Philadelphia. Photo by Olivia Brosky.

WERS 88.9 radio station ad on Boston subway triptych
Emerson University student radio station WERS 88.9FM activates Boston subway riders with QR codes on this subway triptych. Photo by Tennyson Lacasio.

Mayors Jewelers Billboard in Miami
Mayors Jewelers shows off the latest from Breitling on this highwayside bulletin in Miami. Photo by Rafi Pena.

Michelob Ultra billboard in Orlando
Michelob Ultra keeps it simple on this billboard in Orlando alongside the East-West Expressway. Photo by Patrick Lord.

Dos Equis on Dallas Digital Network
This "Get a Dos" campaign from Dos Equis is all over our Dallas Digital Network. Photo by Patti Rodriguez-Mayo.

Porsche billboard in Dallas
Thank you, Porsche, for using "literally" correctly in this large-format ad at the entrance to the McKinney Garage in Dallas. Photo by Patti Rodriguez-Mayo.

Detroit Lions sequential bulletins
The Big Four sequential bulletins along I-96 are great for brand storytelling, like what the Detroit Lions are doing here. Photo by John Blankenship.

Warner Music digital poster in Chicago
Chicago's own Lil Zay Osama promotes his new Warner Music mixtape, 4 The Trenches, on this digital poster in the heart of the River North neighborhood. Photo by David Malcom.

Icelandair wallscape in Chicago
Icelandair is here to inspire wanderlust in Chicagoans with this wallscape in Wrigleyville. Photo by Dave Sowa. billboard in Chicago
This bridgeside bulletin billboard for reaches Chicago residents traveling from the Dan Ryan Expressway into Wicker Park. Photo by Dave Sowa.

California Bank poster in San Diego
California Bank & Trust hopes to capture some interest with this San Diego poster. Photo by Nick Majersky.

The Last of US FYC ad on Los Angeles bus
HBO promotes The Last of Us and its star, Bella Ramsey, for Emmy consideration on these classic Kings on the side of Los Angeles buses. Photo by Daniel Almanza.

Cult Gaia billboard in West Hollywood
With the picturesque Hollywood Hills in the background, Cult Gaia hopes to reach trendy Angelenos with this billboard. Photo by Emma Rosenblatt.

Morgan & Morgan billboard in LA
Injury law firm Morgan & Morgan has this choice billboard next to Los Angeles' BMO Stadium. Photo by Amanda Pedroza. Contact us today to get started on your next iconic out of home campaign!

Delmar Gardens ad in St. Louis
This Delmar Gardens billboard stands tall above I-64/US 40 as it approaches downtown St. Louis. Photo by Dave Sowa.

Just a little west on I-64/US 40 in St. Louis is this billboard for Missouri Botanical Gardens. Photo by Mac Jameson.

Ford billboard in Detroit
Ford on a static billboard in Detroit for the Mustang. Photo by Kevin Gould.

Ford billboard in Detroit
Elsewhere in the D - Royal Oak to be precise - there's another Ford billboard looking sharp. Photo by Kevin Gould.

Cannabis dispensary March & Ash encourages an enthusiastic start to the weekend with this poster billboard in San Diego's Mission Beach neighborhood. Photo by Nick Majersky.

ViacomCBS ad for Love in Taipei on Beverly Center in Los Angeles
Paramount+ romcom Love in Taipei is just the latest entertainment advertiser to go out of home in Los Angeles on Beverly Center digitals. Photo by Blake Buell.

metro by T-Mobile makes an impression with a classic bus king ad in Los Angeles. Photo by Daniel Almanza.

Xbox hypes up the latest first-person-shooter from Blizzard, showcasing Overwatch 2 on this Long Beach bus. Photo by Daniel Almanza.

Author: Jay Fenster, Marketing Manager @ OUTFRONT

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